How To Become A Defensive Driver in Olive Branch, MS

How To Become A Defensive Driver

Homer Skelton Ford's Blog | How To Become A Defensive Driver

Becoming a defensive driver is learning above and beyond what is expected of you to become a driver by law.

In fact, there are defensive driving courses you can take in order to up your driving confidence and even great for beginners.

Here are some of what you will learn in a defensive driving course that you can apply now to your driving.

  • Safety is your main priority, you need to keep this top-of-mind while driving.
  • You minimize or remove any or all distraction and pay attention to the road at all times.
  • You do not put trust in other drivers. Therefore, you must always be thinking that they are bound to make a mistake and this will cause you to drive with more caution.
  • Have an escape route handy in the instance that you need to react quickly.
  • Use the 3-4 second rule when trailing behind vehicles.
  • Always follow the speed signs and depending on weather or other disruptions, you may need to decrease your speed. Do not allow other drivers to intimidate you.

Hopefully some of these defensive driving tips you are already doing, if not, you can start today.

Ultimately, you want to always remain cool and calm as a defensive driver and these best practices can help you do just that!

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